Gaining more transparency concerning the use of hazardous substances with less administration effort at the same time

  • Documentary evidence for authorities
  • Transparent use of chemicals
  • Management of any number of locations
  • Easy data exchange with existing IT
  • Multilingualism

Hazardous Substances Management System – GeMaSy

GeMaSy is a software for the creation and audit-compliant management of hazardous substance lists, risk assessments and operating instructions. GeMaSy can be operated not only on your own server but also on the tec4U server and through the optional link to your purchasing system becomes the easy-care hazardous substance management system. As a web-based application, GeMaSy enables fast access to all safety-relevant information, easy management of several locations and use of a joint pool of safety data sheets and standard operating procedures.

GeMaSy is available in the following three licences:

  • Basic
    (hazardous substance list and SDS management)
  • Basic+
    (Basic plus preparation of risk assessments and standard operating instructions)
  • Professional
    (Basic+ plus management of several locations)

Additional GeMaSy-Services:

  • Import of the existing hazardous management register from excel
  • Research, input & update of SDS in GeMaSy
  • Trainings

Automated obtaining of SDS per interface with data communication software MDS.web

You have the option of using GeMaSy as an autonomous program or combining it with our  MDS.web (material data communication software) application. With the communication module MDS.web you can call up safety data sheets from your suppliers and ensure that you have the most up-to-date SDB information on GeMaSy. You may also transfer all data content within GeMaSy to other systems using the Excel export.

The benefits of GeMaSy as a web application:

GeMaSy was designed as a web-based application and therefore makes it possible to request information or process data from any computer with an Internet connection. This results in the following customer benefits:

  • No installation required
  • Location-independent access to hazardous substances information
  • Direct availability after purchase
  • New releases run in the background